Saturday, 12 July 2014

Researchers Have Proven That Students Who Join a Gym or Sporting Activities Preformed Better In School Grade.

Impact of Sports on Students Performance has important effects on their GPA's have  proven that Students who join a gym or sporting team have higher grades that those who are inactive, researchers have found.
Though these students are likely to stay in school longer but schools should improve their fitness facilities to attract more students as many would like to take part in one or more sports.

How the inventory was taken as below.

During the project, Pivarnik’s team analyzed data from a sample of freshmen and sophomores, totaling 4,843 students, and compared the GPAs of those who purchased a fitness facility membership and those who did not.

Results showed that after four consecutive semesters, the students with memberships obtained higher cumulative GPAs.

They also had more credits completed by the end of their first year in college.

An increase of 3.5 percent in two-year retention rates was seen among this group.

'These results provide a compelling argument to universities that a higher student retention rate could be enhanced just by having adequate recreational and fitness facilities for students.'
Pivarnik and MSU doctoral student Samantha Danbert in the Department of Kinesiology headed the study.

'The results of this study are important because not only are we retaining more students, but we’re retaining those that have higher GPAs which is good for everyone,' Pivarnik said.
Sports are not only good for students but to everyone who wants to be active in every ramifications of lives and for individual fitness.

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