Saturday, 26 July 2014

Pictures of Ebola virus and How you can avoid Ebola Virus that killed a Liberian man in Nigeria.

Tips to help you avoid contacting Ebola1. Do not travel to places with known cases of the virus or with am outbreak.2. Avoid contact with infectedindividual or animals3. Do not eat bushmeat and/or wild unwashed fruits4. Wash your hands with soap several times a day. Use hand sanitizers too.5. Try not to touch public walls, staircase railings, toilets etc. The virus is passed through contact with infected body fluids (sperm, saliva, blood, phlegm, urine, feces etc) so reduce your chances of being in contact with these.6. Maintain a much better personal and environmental hygiene7.If you must travel, get tested before and after the trip.8. Spread this information...teach the young children, remind everyone to stay safe because once a person you love gets infected, you have a higher chance of infection.God bless us all.

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