Saturday, 26 July 2014

Pix: Church members collapsed by suffocation and 6-year-old among them died

16 church members suffocate, one dies at service
One of the affected person who was pronounced dead is six year old boy while 16 others are receiving treatment for suffocation after they inhaled carbon monoxide fumes from a generator they were using during worship at the Young People's Christian Fellowship in Aba, Abia state today Saturday July 26th.

Eyewitnesses said, the worshipers were doing their Friday night vigil with a generator close by when they started to collapse one by one.

Residents of Eziukwu road where the worship centre is located woke up this morning to find the worshipers unconscious. There were initial fears that they'd all died but all of them, except a 6 year old boy, are recovering in the hospital.

Affected members were admitted at Austine Grace Hospital and Goodness & Mercies hospital all in Aba Abia State.

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