Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Five year old son killed by his 38 year old mother who set her car on fire while they were both inside

Tommy Sheldon is a five year old son of Teresa Sheldon.
His mother,Teresa Shelton has been detained indefinitely for mental health act after confirming Tommy dead at ATW9AX Royal Berkshire Hospital London Road Reading Berkshire.

Tommy Sheldon died two weeks after Hampshire car blaze from severe burns.

His mother accepted being guilty of manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility and was detained under the mental health act as prosecuted at Winchester Crown Court .

She wept in court while admitting the charge.
Tommy could not survive because he was stuck in the car as child lock was in place.
His mother too, was on fire,tried to put off the flames with rag.

Tommy was assisted by a grandfather and his son who were on their way to a fishing trip.
Tommy was pulled out from the car by two assistants who confirmed Tommy's horrific situation,meanwhile they were on their way to a fishing trip when they spotted the car on fire and rushed to assist.

An Assistant said: 'We thought we'd run to assist the lady, who had flames coming up around her legs.
'She  pointed towards the car and that's when I saw the kid. I went over to the car and managed to get the door open the boy was pressed up against the window.
'I burnt my hand opening it and the boy fell out of the car, and I managed to get him over to the other side.'

Tommy was then taken to Southampton General Hospital with severe burns to his hands, face and lips. His eyes were also swollen shut by the flames and his legs and torso were also badly burnt.

He was later transferred to a specialist burns unit at Bristol Children's Hospital but, despite the best efforts of medics, died from his injuries on August 25.

Teresa Sheldon was also taken to hospital for treatment after suffering serious injuries in the fire.

Information reaching the court that prior to the incident, Teresa Sheldon had taken Tommy to McDonald's for a meal and spent £45 on toys for him.

At 7.30pm she purchased fuel, before heading to Hursley to use it to set the car alight.
Doctors said her mental health deteriorated three months prior to the incident when she split from Tommy's father and her husband Ross Sheldon,She started having paranoid thoughts,Sheldon then became concerned Tommy would be removed from her by social services and decided to end both their lives.

Her husband, Mr Sheldon has since visited his tragic son's grave in the cemetery on a 'daily basis', the court heard.
Mr Shelton said, 'Tommy was always full of smiles and laughter, a loving caring happy-go-lucky beautiful little boy who we will always remember.
'He was loved and adored by so many and missed even more so.
'As a father, all I long for is one more kiss and cuddle with my son. I have to live with this thought every day.'

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