Wednesday, 30 July 2014

4 Months Old Boy has Died in Guinea of Ebola Virus infection got from his late mother

The deadly Ebola virus killed 4 Months Old baby from Guinea.

Ebola Virus have killed thousands of people in the West Africa, and this got other continents scared of it as there is no true cure and how fast it used to kill people irrespective of medical treatment.

One of the latest casualties of this disease is a 4-month-old baby boy called Faya, who died in Gueckadou, South East Guinea, BBC reports.

Faya is said to have caught the virus from his mother, who died a few weeks ago.

His corpse has been buried in a forest. The boy’s family is reportedly “too scared” to attend his funeral for no one want to be infected with Ebola virus.

People believes that Ebola virus can be contacted through body contacts.

“I was there with him just before he died…I had been feeding him milk. I stepped away, just for a short break, but then I was called back and he was dead. I was totally devastated,” said Adele Millimouno, a Medicines Sans Frontieres (MSF) nurse who was taking care of the baby.

The International Federation of the Red Cross and Medicines Sans Frontieres told BBC that “the [Ebola] situation across West Africa remains out of control.
Ebola is deadly and more wicked than any disease so far. See pictures of Ebola virus and How it attack human body.

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