Thursday, 25 September 2014

Graphic pic: Aide of Govrnor-el​ect Ayo Fayose shot dead in Ekiti

The former chairman of the National Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW) in Ekiti State and staunch supporter of Mr Ayo Fayose, Mr. Omolafe Aderiye was shot dead yesterday evening by four unknown gunmen at the Ijigbo area of Ado-Ekiti the state capital.

Sahara reporters said, Mr Aderiye was accosted and shot at close range while on his way home after a meeting with the governor elect. Reports say he was present at the Ekiti state high court yesterday where a Judge was beaten up by pro-Fayose "supporters".

Pictures:Old time Wrestler,Hulk Hogan no-no rules for his restaurant in Florida seems to focus on blacks

Hulk Hogan got a cool beach restaurant in Florida, but if you want to enjoy a coconut ginger mojito during a concert at the eatery, you better not show up dressing like an urban stereotype.

If you plan to wear a do-rag or a bandana, forget about getting in.

Hulk says, he licenses his name to the restaurant but didn't know about the dress code and he's looking into it right now.

Check out the dress code outside Hogan's Beach in Tampa -- which essentially bars people who wear clothes popular with the black community.

The Hulk no-no's include:

-- No oversized t-shirts extending past the mid thigh

-- No excessively baggy attire

-- No low hanging pants or shorts 

-- No hats facing sideways or back facing

-- No oversized or excessive jewelry 

-- No camouflage (unless with military ID) 

-- No workout clothing (including track suits, jump suits, sweat pants or basketball shorts)

-- No high-top sneakers

An Employee in the restaurant,when asked, said "you can wear just anything for lunch or dinner, but the dress code is strictly enforced during concert events.he also said, "I don't want to sound stereotypical ..." when he was ask, what about oversized jewelry?

But No black people in the promotional video for the restaurant,if he is not a racist,while white guys wearing the forbidden camouflage shorts in the same Restaurant?

You can Whatch the youtube video,click the link...

TMZ reports "that they talked to Hulk about the sign posted at Hogan's Beach ... barring anyone who wears excessively baggy attire, low-hanging pants, do-rags, bandanas, oversized or excessive jewelry -- all stuff popular with the urban crowd.

Hulk who doesn't own the eatery but licenses his name to it -- tells us he called the restaurant's managers personally ... and demanded the sign be taken down -- permanently ... and they agreed.

Hogan says the dress code was modeled after ones used at Las Vegas and Miami pool parties -- He says it was never meant to be racist, but understands some people take it that way."

A man tells How denomination is affecting his marriage

For security reasons,name was not mentioned and is seeking for advice.

What a way of Living?(people's way of live),this referred me to culture.

It is learned,acquired and have been practicing by the society which it is concerned.

The Cultural relativism was brought to oppose the cultural racism,in the sense that no culture supercedes other.

Here is a man married to a woman,he married his wife under Catholic Church denomination and the marriage continued for a period of ten years with a succulent sweetness until when his wife changed a denomination,their marriage become miserable.

From a female LIB reader

Hear him and give your advice...

My wife and I got married as Catholics and we have been practicing the Catholic faith in all our ten years of marriage.

All the love and peace we have enjoyed in our marriage is about to change as she recently found love in the Jehovah's witnesses doctrine where they do not celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other celebrations.

She now wants to force this new way of live on myself and our three children who have lived all there lives enjoying these celebrations.

This new way of thinking is seriously affecting our marriage as she is trying to be forceful with our kids living according to her new found doctrine.

It's not like her new found faith is bad but I would just respect it if she leaves me and my kids out of it. 

I seriously want to save my marriage but I don't want her new belief to affect my children.

How do I handle this situation?

Why EFCC arraigns six fishermen

EFCC arraigns six fishermen for fishing in Nigerian territorial waters without getting authorized approval thereby violating Nigeria constitution.

They remain in Ikorodu prison until they meet up with their bail which is 10 million naira each and, sureties.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

How Dr Dre earned $620 million to top Jay Z, Drake and other top ten in the World's Highest Paid Hip-Hop Acts of 2014

Forbes released their annual list of Highest Paid Hip Hop Acts yesterday and Dr Dre led the inn the list with a whooping $620 million from June 2013 to June 2014.

Dr Dre tremendous earnings mostly comes from Apple as Apple bought his Beats by Dre for $3billion so... See the list. ..

1. Dr. Dre - $620 million
2.  Jay Z (tie) - $60 million
2. Diddy (tie) - $60 million 
4. Drake - $33million
5. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis - $32 million
6. Kanye West: $30 million
7. Birdman: $24 million
8. Lil Wayne: $23 million
9. Pharrell Williams: $22 million
10. Eminem: $18 million
See the top 20 after the cut...

11. Nicki Minaj: $14 million
12. Wiz Khalifa: $13 million
13. Pitbull: $12 million
14. Snoop Dogg: $10 million
15. Kendrick Lamar: $9 million
16. Ludacris: $8 million (tie)
16. Tech N9ne: $8 million (tie)
16. Swizz Beatz: $8 million (tie)
16. 50 Cent: $8 million (tie)
20. Rick Ross: $7 million (tie)
20. J. Cole: $7 million (tie)
20. DJ Khaled: $7 million (tie)
20. Lil Jon: $7 million (tie)
20. Mac Miller: $7 million (tie

Monday, 22 September 2014

Sahara Reporters still on hack

This morning,as i wake,what pushed my mind to check out Sahara Reporters,I don't know;could it be the panic Linda Ikeji Expressed?
She is happily use blogger instead of buying her own domain.

For the fear of hackers was her main reason not to buy a domain for her blog.

Seems to embrace the good advantage of blogger than ever.

Blogger is not easily hacked,I am sticking on this even though I have a domain but not functional for now.

You can visit my site,but I must tell you before you go,nothing is happening there now.

This is the URL;

You can only see my Glo line.
I am planning to work on it after my exams.

This was what I saw when i wanted to visit the website -- Sahara Reporters

You have followed this URL, but we couldn't find a feed for it.
Please check that the URL is correct:
If you want to update configuration please use Manage page.

Pictures: the winner of the 2014 Miss Intercontinental pageant

Chioma Judith Okafor beat 29 other girls to emerge the winner of the 2014 Miss Intercontinental pageant which held Sept. 13th in Lagos.

Chioma who is at her 21st year,is a graduate of Management Information Systems from Covenant University.

Pope Francis rebukes religious militants during visit to Albania

Pope Francis travelled to one of the largest Muslim population country ,which have been made a religion free country.

During a trip to the mostly Muslim nation of Albania, Pope Francis rebuked militants who act in the name of religion, saying no one can act as the "armor of God."

The Pope visited the capital of Tirana, calling the Balkan nation one that proves "a peaceful and fruitful coexistence between persons and communities of believers of different religions is not only desirable, but possible and realistic."
He called ISIS an "unjust aggressor"

On Sunday, he again spoke harshly against religious warriors.
"Let no one consider themselves to be the 'armor' of God while planning and carrying out acts of violence and oppression," Pope Francis told diplomats at the presidential palace. "May no one use religion as a pretext for actions against human dignity and against the fundamental rights of every man and woman, above all, the right to life and the right of everyone to religious freedom."
The pontiff pointed to the religious peace in Albania, a country relatively new to the concept of religious freedom. The population is 56% Muslim, 10% Catholic and 7% Orthodox, according to the CIA Factbook. The climate of respect and trust between those groups is a "precious gift," the pontiff said.
It has been two decades since a Pope last visited Albania, which is a short distance from Italy, just across the Adriatic Sea. The day-long visit is the first for Francis to another European country since he became Pope.
On his way to the palace, he rode through the streets past multitudes of cheering fans and onlookers in an open Pope mobile.
Later the Pope celebrated Mass on Mother Teresa Square.
Many see Pope Francis' visit as support for the country's efforts to grow closer to the West and its wish to join the European Union. Albania was a Soviet satellite state before the fall of European communism at the end of the Cold War. It has been a democratic republic for 24 years.

Photos: Orange Drugs boss daughter, Cynthia Ezenna set to wed

Cynthia Uchenna Ezenna is the first daughter Anthony Ezenna,CEO Orange Drugs LTD.
She will marry her man Chukwueke Elurihuka Gboneme on Saturday October 11th.
Her wedding will take place at Our Lady of Perpetual Help in Victoria Island, Lagos.

Beautiful Pictures!,beautiful Couple!

Jonathan to decide if Sambo will return 2015 - PDP

The National Publicity Secretary of the PDP, Olisa Metuh, says President Jonathan will be the one to determine if he would still like to run with his Vice, Namadi Sambo in the 2015 general elections.

Saying this during the press conference, Metuh also said that President Jonathan is yet to respond to the decision the party members took on Thursday September 18th where he was adopted as the sole Presidential candidate of the PDP

"The President is yet to communicate to the party or to the entire country because he is not only the President of the PDP, he is the President of Nigeria and I cannot inform you of decisions that have been taken in terms of what will happen because subjective opinions is not part of my job. I believed a lot of people are trying to speculate on Jonathan/Sambo ticket but why don’t we wait until when the President declares?
But I must inform that part of the reasons the PDP has not mentioned that, is because it is a winning team. What the President has done he has done it very well and he's the winning team. I believe that there is no need to magnify or attempt to import any difference between the President and the Vice President. They have worked so well. The Vice President has continued to be the second most loyal Vice President in the history of this country so I believe that he enjoys the confidence of the President. In the 2015 elections if the President accepts to run we will be able to take it to the next level.” Metuh said

Police checkpoints ban still in force -- IGP

Police are not allowed to be at any checkpoint and putting up road blocks as the order given by the former IGP,Mohammed Abubakar is still effective despite the change of power.

The Acting Inspector-General of Police, Suleiman Abba, has stated that the order banning the setting up of police road-blocks nationwide is still in force.

The immediate past IG of Police, Mr. Mohammed Abubakar, had placed an indefinite ban on mounting of road-blocks nationwide by policemen. But there are reports that the checkpoints, sometimes used to harass and extort bribe from motorists, are beginning to resurface.

But in a statement on Sunday by the Force spokesman, Emmanuel Ojukwu, the acting IGP had re-issued directive to all commands and formations to dismantle all road-blocks and ‘permanent’ checkpoints.

“The IGP warned that all semblances of police road-blocks and permanent check-points reportedly re-emerging in some parts of the country, especially in the South-East, South-South and South-West geo-political zones of Nigeria should immediately be dismantled.

“The IGP who described the trend as a serious violation of subsisting order on road-blocks warned that severe sanctions await any command, formation or personnel that violate the order”, the statement added.

The IGP was also quoted to have charged State Commissioners of Police and heads of formations to ensure total compliance with the order.

Ebola Virus disease consciousness,primary and secondary schools resumption not yet

Lagos state government on Saturday said the resumption of the primary and secondary schools will not be on September 22 as announced earlier.

However the resumption was pronounced to be on  October 8.

The state joined other South-West states to defer resumption of schools to next month.

Also for the reason of public holidays,Independence day and the Eid-el-Kabir holidays

Graphic pics: Chaos in Lagos Island as popular politician in killed

Seriously chaos in Lagos Island as a result of dead politician who was attacked by unknown gunmen -- with gunshots at close range.
The start up of the first political campaign have marked a record of bad reputation, and it has been recorded in the centre of Lagos politics,"Lagos Island."

From source...

"A popular local politician named Azeez Ashake is a victim of the first political casualties.
He was shot right in the front of his house at Isale Eko on Saturday September 20th by suspected political thugs.
His son,named Usman was also shot but survived the gunshots.

Report said,he is alive receiving treatment at an undisclosed hospital in Lagos Island.

Azeez Ashake is said to be a strong leader of a particular political group in Lagos Island, and is said to be very influential. His killing caused a lot of chaos in Isale Eko over the weekend, where it's been reported that four people have so far been killed in retaliation for his death.

The police tried over the weekend to restore peace to the area. Several policemen and police patrol vans were deployed to the area, but this didn't stop political thugs from fighting at intervals."

Photos: Comedian Elenu shares cute family photos

Comedian Julius Akinlami aka Elenu shared his family pics on his instagram page.
In the pictures is him,his wife,Chinwe and his 7 month old son,Jayden.

These are the beautiful family pictures

A man killed two of his neighbor's children and leaving two badly injured

A man has declared wanted as Edo state police command lunched man hunt.
The culprit,Noble Uwoh , Okeze has fled from the environment after attacking his Neighbors children because he had misunderstanding with his neighbors wife.

With a cutlass, Noble Uwoh succeeded in killing a six year old and a three year old,leaving the other 8 year old and 4 year old badly injured. Pictures below.

Edo state Police spokesman said,“The suspect murdered the two children in his neighbour’s apartment, following a misunderstanding between him and the Udehs.

The man actually had a misunderstanding with the wife and the man went to her house and murdered a six-year-old boy and another three-year-old boy.

The same suspect went ahead to inflict injuries on two other children of that woman who are currently undergoing treatment, while two corpses have been deposited in the mortuary.

The injured ones are Gift Oliver, eight years, and Goodness Oliver, four years. The suspected killer fled the scene, but investigation is ongoing and efforts are being made to locate and arrest the man. We have launched a manhunt for him.” he said

Speaking about the sad incident, Oliver Udeh, who hails from Enugu state, said Okeze was initially going to attack his wife, Chinyere, but when she ran to get help from Neighbors, he descended on their young children.

“The man attacked four of my children with a cutlass. Two died, while the remaining two are at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital. I have six children. My other two boys and my wife escaped from the man. The corpses of the two who died are at the Stella Obasanjo Hospital, Benin.

It was my wife that he wanted to kill. But she ran away to call our neighbors. When they arrived at my house, he ran away into the bush and we have yet to find him.

I didn’t have any problem with him. But my wife told me that he hated my children. So, when I traveled, he attacked my family with a cutlass and killed two of my children.” he said

Eric "The Actor" Dead at 39

Eric "The Actor" Lynch, was a popular guest on Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show.

He is measuring 3 feet 5 inches, Eric the Actor has confirmed dead on Saturday afternoon as a result of organ failure. 

He passed away at the age of 39.

According to TMZ "Howard Stern Show" wack packer Eric "The Actor" Lynch has died at 39"Eric's longtime manager Johnny Fratto tells us Lynch was rushed to a hospital in Sacramento Saturday after he started having heart problems, most of his organs just gave out"

An official from the hospital confirms Eric dead on Saturday afternoon

Johnny Fratto,Eric manager says,"Lynch was surrounded by family and friends when he died, including his caretaker Jon was also present.

Eric appeared on the Stern show just last week ... and said his parents would be taking over caretaking duties.

Eric has been calling into the Stern show since 2002 ... and would famously call in to yell at Howard. He had a love-hate relationship with pretty much everyone on staff. 

His medical condition was never explained on the show but he always claimed to have outlived doctors expectations.

Eric also made a few cameos on TV shows like "In Plain Sight" and "Fringe."

R.I.P Eric "The Actor."

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Nigerian troops, succeeded in killing Boko Haram impersonator by name Shekau

Victory goes to the Nigerian troops for being successful in over powering the Boko Haram group as the man suspected to be mimicking late Abubakar Shekau in recent videos from the sect,who may have been killed during the September 17th battle in Konduga, Borno state.

From military source, "it is getting more certain that the terrorists' commander who has been mimicking Shekau in those videos is the one killed in Konduga on September 17."

And security sources did not deny the suspicion but cautioned that "the process of confirming that the dead body we have is the same as that character who has been posing as Shekau is ongoing. He is definitely a prominent terrorist commander. I don't want to say anything about this yet please."

Investigation,according to military officers will commence to be certain if the man posed in the video sect is/not the dead Boko Haram impersonator.

Military officers say the Defence Headquarters will address the nation after a full investigation of their latest discovery has been done.

Defense headquarters said,"five members of the sect group surrendered their arms to the Nigerian troops yesterday, pleading for mercy,They said some captured members of the sect group are helping with useful information regarding future planned attacks."


During the church service hours,the prophet T.B Joshua declared to be visiting South Africa once in a month in the memory of the martyrs of faith.

South Africans who died in the incident building collapse death toll is said to be 84 people,not included badly injured hundreds in number.

Read report...
"Those who are affected in one way or another and those who passed onto glory, their greatest desire is to see that the work of salvation they died and suffered for continues and reaches unreachable places,” Joshua declared, a message subsequently relayed via his official social media portals on Facebook and Twitter.

“For that, what they are coming here for should be taken to meet them in their country,” he stated to applause from foreigners but a muted response from Nigerian congregants.

“Once in a month, I will be travelling to South Africa to meet people from South Africa and other nations who find South Africa easier to visit, in memory of martyrs of faith", the controversial cleric stated in a broadcast transmitted live on Emmanuel TV, one of Africa’s most popular television stations

Joshua quickly countered any insinuation that his visitations will be to challenge other South African churches. "My ministration in South Africa will not be on Sunday so that people will have the opportunity to attend their respective churches,” Joshua said.

“This kind of faith expressed by South Africans deserves this kind of blessing from God," he added.

The prophet T.B Joshua further added a statement in appreciation for those who paid a condolence,"I have been your pastor, preaching to you. Now, it is your turn that you are preaching to me. It is your turn that you are giving back what you have received in terms of preaching, teaching and counselling,”
Making reference to Ecclesiastes 3, Joshua continued, “There is a time to give and a time to receive. There is a time to laugh and a time to cry. There is a time to be born and a time to die. Thank you for understanding the time that I am in.”

A mad man suspected,killing 2 girls in Bauchi state

Mad is said to be responsible for two girls death in Bauchi state,confirmed,so,Bauchi state Police Command has arrested the culprit by name Musa Sale for stabbing two girls to death in Sabon Garin Sade village of Darazo Local Government Area of Bauchi State.

Statement said, that the culprit, aged 6o and suspected to be insane.
He succeeded in killing the 2 girls,injuring others who escaped his sharp knife.

A statement have been  signed by the command’s spokesperson, DSP Haruna Mohammed which read "one of the injured, six-month-old baby girl, Maryam Disu, narrowly escaped death after the culprit slit her throat."

The names ot the two girls killed are  Ilawisa Abdullahi and Ummi Saidu, aged two and 12, while two other persons, Ilu Masani and Hassan Garba, were also injured, along with the baby.

“The suspect killed two girls Ilawisa Abdullahi and Ummi Saidu aged 2 and 12 years respectively.

“Two other persons Ilu Masani and Hassan Garba were also attacked and injured by Sale,” it said.

The command said that the corpses of the deceased had been released to their parents after an autopsy was carried out, while the injured had been admitted at the General Hospital, Darazo.

However,more investigations have commenced.

View this:they said, Female Bishop grabbed Preacher's Pen*s

Really weird, the story seems to be true. I imagine the possibility of this occurring in the congregation,though i still believe that anything can happen.


 "Weird News And News From All Over The World Female Bishop Grabs Preacher’s Pen1s On The Pulpit In Ghana – See Photo Posted by admin a It was a shocking moment as Female Bishop Touches Pastor’s Private Part On Pulpit In Ghana. According to News from ReportGhanaNews, the Pastor was preaching to his congregation on a Sunday morning then he ask people with health problems to stand up and come close to touch a specific place on his body for healing. While everyone was touching the Pastor’s head, shoes and shoulder; this woman, a bishop of same congregation decided to hold the pastor’s private area for healing. The Pastor asked why she hold his priv’ates and the woman said, “her husband pen1s is not working anymore so she believes when she hold the Pastor’s pen1s, her husband’s would be healed.” Then the pastor shouted, hallelujah somebody." Can you blame the lady?

Thousands Attend Climate March in New York today

Today marks the first World War against climate change which held in the USA,New York City to be certain,and the march extended for hours while people who took part showed their excitement through their appreciations.
Even hang around streets observers were carried in the spirit,arose emotionally to take part.

Witnesses of the event including,Actors, Politicians and People From Around the Nation were Marched Days Before United Nations Meeting as thousands of people from around the world are marching through Midtown Manhattan Sunday to create awareness about global warming.

Being the largest event of its kind,about 310,000 people attended, organizers estimated.

Among the attendants were French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon and French Environment Minister Segolene Royal,United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki Moon also marched.

The event was timed to occur before Tuesday's United Nations Climate Summit, where more 120 world leaders will try to rally the political will for a new world-wide climate treaty by the end of 2015.

The march began at 11:30 am

Participants dressed in an array of costumes and carried placard and banners.

The mission is to make this a decisive moment.

Rihanna Nude Pictures Leak, Celeb Hackers Up again

The latest on going celebs nude leaks scandal have gone extensively.
The celebrity hackers are back  again making Rihanna a victim... with a vengeance.
Despite the fact that a simple Google search reveals her boobs line the online landscape.

Early Sunday morning, two nude pictures that appear to be RiRi were leaked onto 4chan/Reddit ... one with a censored version of her breasts ... the other pic showing bare ass and nipple.
The uncensored photo was said,released some hours later.

As TMZ reported earlier, ... a second wave of leaks has been going down all weekend,nude pics of what appears to be Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Kate Bosworth and Hope Solo have all shown up.

Gabrielle Union is another victim, captured topless pictures of hers.
According to her,as She told TMZ that her legal team will contact the FBI.

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