Thursday, 3 September 2015

Boko Haram tend to expand their activities to Lagos and other part of the country

Boko Haram has faced military suppression from last few months in the northern part of Nigeria,due to this,Boko Haram is trying to extend its activities beyond north, to include the commercial capital Lagos, eastern, as well as other parts of the country, officials say.
According to Nigeria's intelligence agency says 12 members of the Islamist militant group have been arrested in Lagos since July.

Authorities arrested other self-confessed Boko Haram members in the south-eastern city of Enugu as well as other parts of central and northern Nigeria, the Department of State Services (DSS) said in a statement.

"The DSS attributes the attempted expansion of Boko Haram into southern areas to the increased pressure the group is under in its north-eastern heartland.
However, the BBC's Will Ross in Lagos says the group is still causing havoc in the north-east, with reports that more than 50 people were killed in an attack in Borno State on Friday, about 100km (62 miles) north of the state capital Maiduguri.

For many in Lagos it will be alarming to hear that a dozen Boko Haram members have been arrested here in recent weeks. I have often been told by Lagosians that the jihadist group would never dare attack this city, which seems more naive than reassuring, especially as there was an attempt to bomb a fuel depot last year.

The announcement from the secret police, known as the DSS, came just a day after another statement told us a teenager had been picked up inside Abuja airport where he was gathering intelligence for Boko Haram - another disturbing bit of news.
The DSS says the arrests have helped avert "devastating attacks" and that "notable commanders and frontline members" have been rounded up.
We have no way of independently verifying the information in the statements but it is worth noting that all the security departments are under pressure to demonstrate that they are having an impact against Boko Haram, especially as President Muhammadu Buhari has made tackling the jihadist insurgency a priority and is still making senior appointments.
A new DSS director general was appointed in early July and the latest statement says the arrests began the very next week.

Will Ross BBC Lagos

How possible Rihanna Forgets Her Pants At Home As She Parties In LA

Rihanna left her pants at home while she stepped out to party in LA.
What would her feelings be like?

I guess she enjoys it better that way,but Imagine your girlfriend going to party on her own without a pant. Maybe,she is not going to dance anyhow incase she forgot that she 's not putting on pants.

Maybe she is ready to go wild with just any lucky guy in the party hall.
Nobody knows her mind.

Saturday, 8 August 2015

Water Pirates attack leaving 4 Soldiers and a Policeman dead at Nambe waterways In Bayelsa State

Nambe waterways in Bayelsa State was under attack  on friday night by unknown gunmen,but suspected to be water pirates,though the number of  casualty is not yet certain as stated by Isa Ado, Lt. Col. And media coordinator of Joint Task Force (JTF) in the Niger Delta,but 4 soldiers and a police man have been confirmed dead.

The Bayelsa Police Command spokesman, Asinim Butswat said,' four soldiers and a policeman were killed in an attack on Nembe waterways by armed gunmen, suspected to be pirates"

“On August 7, 2015, at about 11:30p.m., four speedboats loaded with gunmen, suspected to be sea pirates attacked the Joint Task Force (JTF) base, at Nembe Water Front, in Nembe LGA.
“They killed four soldiers and one policeman,The gunmen carted away two HP guns and other arms from the base"
“A combined team of the JTF, Marine Police and the Navy are combing the creeks to recover the arms and arrest the culprits”,The command spoke man, Mr. Butswat said.

Isa Ado, a Lt. Col. and Media Coordinator of the Joint Task Force in the Niger Delta, confirmed the attack and he cited that the casualty figures and loss of arms and ammunitions were yet to be discovered

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Five year old son killed by his 38 year old mother who set her car on fire while they were both inside

Tommy Sheldon is a five year old son of Teresa Sheldon.
His mother,Teresa Shelton has been detained indefinitely for mental health act after confirming Tommy dead at ATW9AX Royal Berkshire Hospital London Road Reading Berkshire.

Tommy Sheldon died two weeks after Hampshire car blaze from severe burns.

His mother accepted being guilty of manslaughter on grounds of diminished responsibility and was detained under the mental health act as prosecuted at Winchester Crown Court .

She wept in court while admitting the charge.
Tommy could not survive because he was stuck in the car as child lock was in place.
His mother too, was on fire,tried to put off the flames with rag.

Tommy was assisted by a grandfather and his son who were on their way to a fishing trip.
Tommy was pulled out from the car by two assistants who confirmed Tommy's horrific situation,meanwhile they were on their way to a fishing trip when they spotted the car on fire and rushed to assist.

An Assistant said: 'We thought we'd run to assist the lady, who had flames coming up around her legs.
'She  pointed towards the car and that's when I saw the kid. I went over to the car and managed to get the door open the boy was pressed up against the window.
'I burnt my hand opening it and the boy fell out of the car, and I managed to get him over to the other side.'

Tommy was then taken to Southampton General Hospital with severe burns to his hands, face and lips. His eyes were also swollen shut by the flames and his legs and torso were also badly burnt.

He was later transferred to a specialist burns unit at Bristol Children's Hospital but, despite the best efforts of medics, died from his injuries on August 25.

Teresa Sheldon was also taken to hospital for treatment after suffering serious injuries in the fire.

Information reaching the court that prior to the incident, Teresa Sheldon had taken Tommy to McDonald's for a meal and spent £45 on toys for him.

At 7.30pm she purchased fuel, before heading to Hursley to use it to set the car alight.
Doctors said her mental health deteriorated three months prior to the incident when she split from Tommy's father and her husband Ross Sheldon,She started having paranoid thoughts,Sheldon then became concerned Tommy would be removed from her by social services and decided to end both their lives.

Her husband, Mr Sheldon has since visited his tragic son's grave in the cemetery on a 'daily basis', the court heard.
Mr Shelton said, 'Tommy was always full of smiles and laughter, a loving caring happy-go-lucky beautiful little boy who we will always remember.
'He was loved and adored by so many and missed even more so.
'As a father, all I long for is one more kiss and cuddle with my son. I have to live with this thought every day.'

Friday, 29 May 2015

Pictures: Former HOD, Geology department, uniport,"Unknown persons invade my office and ransack all my lecture/research materials"

Akaha Celestine Tse,former HOD Geology department University of Port Harcourt has expressed shock as his office was invaded by unknown guys who virtually invaded his office and took with themselves every important documents he left including his lecture materials, research materials and went away,also with two of his laptops.

A leady called Miss Fortune,also a lecturer who share the same office with Dr Tse lost her laptop that carries all ddetails of semester and students results.

"This afternoon as the time lines on accompanying pictures show, I came into the office to pick something and was baffled to see the the state of disorder right from the engineering geology lab",Dr Tse said. 

"Intruder severed security wires on window  behind Oven and oedometer to gain entry into engineering geology lab. Intruder rips away design at bottom of door to gain entry into my office. Invader ransacks my office, scattering books, equipment and drawer items from Miss Fortune’s desk on  the  ground. Invader ransacks and completely turns upside down my desk,  drawers and contents. They did not spare the  fridge, as they took bottles of winenin the fridge",

"So far in the mess they created in my office i have discovered that they took away my two laptops  containing all my lecture and research materials, and Miss Fortune’s official laptop that contains all details of semester and degree results", But I ended my 5 year tenure as HOD since March 26th this year",he added.

Monday, 20 April 2015

Pictures:6 feets snake swallowed two sparrows, killed in University of Port Harcourt

A snake was measured 6 feets,swallowed two sparrows,killed by students of university of Port Harcourt and one sheriff.
It was in the afternoon, around 12 noon when two men discovered the snake under a tree and when they were trying to kill it , the snake climbed a tree.

Then,students and other people who were coming back from church gathered to fall the snake as it climbed to the highest branch of the tree.

According to the people who were around,they tried very hard to fall the snake by stoning at it so that they could kill it but the snake keeps on jumping from one branch of the tree to the other which seems to many people at the scene that the snake was a witch snake.

For over 3 hours,nobody was able to get the snake fall down by stoning.

People who saw the snake closely when it was under the tree,described the snake as huge, poisonous,aggressive and deadly,thus,no one would expect to risk his life amongst guys who were present when they heard that.

Three guys who were eager to climb the tree to fall the snake were discouraged by one of the workers who installed generator close to girls hostel.

The worker said that he saw a bigger snake in the bush closed to girls hostel,and according to him, the one he saw previous week could swallow a goat.

It was a terrible moment, as many did not suggest to leave the snake alive as it's close to the convocation arena where students learn some times . To avoid the risk of biting students, they had to kill it.

The two sparrows swallowed by the snake have already started digesting that the feathers could hardly noticed.

People screamed,"hero!",Raised their hands when the guy that fell the snake moved with his bike.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Letter To Chimamanda Adichie By Ijeoma Ozichi Omotade concerning Oba's Statement On Igbos

Ijeoma Ozichi Omotade is an Igbo young lady,who is marrying a Yoruba man.She was sometime in the northern part of the country during her school days. She has poured out her heart felt perception which tribalism was the focus,regarding to what Oba said against Igbos in Lagos state.

On her own point of view,every tribe is guilty of tribalism and that's the main cause of our inability to see ourselves as one.

Ijeoma is also an admirer to Chimamanda Adichie's works and a core fan of the young Chinua Achebe.

She is happily married,here is the letter...

Dear Chimamanda,

I was scrolling through twitter to see what was trending especially with regard to Lagos elections, and stumbled upon your write-up on the Oba of Lagos's disrespectful remarks to the Igbos and their right to exercise their civic rights. Of  course being an ardent admirer of your work and also a fellow Igbo girl, I clicked on the link and hungrily lapped up each word you poured out, eager to hear your opinion and ready to carry emotional placards with you by clicking "share" on my Facebook page. But the more I read, the more my excitement waned. Because just as I could feel you word for word, I also disagreed with you, and at a point I had to put down myopic glasses that beheld Lagos through your admirable eyes and wear one that showed me our stark reality.

You see, I AGREE that the Igbo community was unjustifiably grieved. However, as I wave my solidarity flag with my fellow Igbos, I can’t help but also bite my tongue when I remember unpleasant comments many Igbos regularly make toward other tribesmen. For example, the disrespectful way some Igbos address Hausas as "abokis”, dumbheads, and "nama" meaning cow! As you may know, "aboki" means friend but watch an Hausa man when an Igbo calls him that in a disrespectful tone. He stiffens and looks annoyed because he knows the tone he is called with is one of disrespect and insult. (some Yorubas call northerners "mulla"; I dunno what that means but that's for another day *sigh*)

Chimamanda, every tribe is guilty of tribalism; it's by default. It's not right. It should be fiercely fought against but shamefully this is the current reality. HOWEVER not every tribe is guilty of "PEACEMAKER-ISM", and I would love the Igbos to be known more for the guilt of MAKING PEACE.

So we go on and on about the Oba’s comment and what happens? Fights, fracas, and some fathers and sons on both sides lose their lives and people lose property and investments.

As you may have noticed from my name Ijeoma Omotade, I am Igbo married to Yoruba and happily married too. I went into the Yoruba culture and CONSCIOUSLY took time to learn about it. It was when I decided to marry that I knew how deep tribalism has eaten even into our so called Igbo and Yoruba elite. *Sigh* Having also schooled in the north during my secondary school days, and as much as I greatly admire the peaceful and simple nature of the average northerner, sadly they are not left out of the "tribalism" card-carrying.

As an Igbo woman, I may not agree with all the Yoruba do but I live in their culture and I'm in their land, so I respect them and in turn they sense my aura of respect and willingness to understand them and they treat me well. And when I get an opportunity to talk about MY CULTURE and correct some misconceptions they have about Igbos, I do so with GREAT PRIDE because there are so many great things about us they don’t know! And BECAUSE I respect them, THEY LISTEN and LEARN, even through jokes and laughter.

Even the few who were antagonistic toward me, embrace me now, or are at least civil toward me. It didn't make me any less dignified to understand better another man's culture; it made me wiser, and stronger and more appreciative of the richness of our country. The flagrant disregard for other's culture exhibited by many Nigerians is really bad! How do you expect to reason with someone unless you understand their worldview?

Truly, we wouldn't tolerate half the things we expect from Lagos in Aba or Onitsha or Enugu. Igbos want to be part of the House of Assembly and be among the decision makers for Lagos state. That in itself is not bad because a state stakeholder HAS A RIGHT to be among those making decisions for the state. But historically and by default, people kick against non-tribesman being at the decision-making level and our flippant comments about "taking over the land" is not helping matters either! Why do we want to "take over" another man's land? It wasn't bare land before people came and developed it. It's people's ancestral homes, and even in a democracy where many are working tirelessly to water the progressive idea of ONE NIGERIA, it is still important we recognize  and help preserve each other’s heritage. For only  then can we truly build the foundation for lasting synergy and proudly BECOME ONE, for the greater good of OUR LAND.

Personally I'm deeply hurt hearing some Yoruba leaders telling my people that we should be "grateful" living in Lagos; that is utterly unfair, point blank. Any Yoruba person saying that is very shallow minded. We Igbos work HARD for our living, and add IMMENSELY to the growth and development of the city. Try shutting down major trade markets dominated by Igbos for just one week and watch Lagos economy go haywire! But so does the Hausa community in the east that bring in food and supply our markets; they work hard too! Let them stop the lorries from bringing in food to the south and watch what happens. So I plead with EVERYONE, my IGBO KINSMEN inclusive. And this is my plea, that we PLEASE speak as we would like to be spoken to; "do as you would be done by", RESPECT AND LOVE your fellow man...ALL MEN ARE CREATED EQUAL BY GOD!

I also share a bit of the Lagos indigene sentiment. I wouldn't want my hometown to be "cosmopoliticized" and my ancestral homes snatched away and turned into highways and hotels, and be told my home town is "no man's land". That's highly disrespectful. History has deep roots in this land.

I don't support the Oba, he is not my relative, nor did he "settle" my family. In his heart he is just like many other Igbos, Hausas and Yorubas; TRIBALISTIC! The only difference is that he is an influential public figure and so we can all tweet and Facebook his bad communication skills; a public figure who didn't think about the implications of his words before he spoke. However, that statement would have been made by even an angry IGBO king or Hausa Emir because I don't see anyone of them doing any better!

In a quest for peace, there are two parties; the one making amends and the one accepting the apology. Let us the grieved accept, and move on. Let us all learn to APPRECIATE and LOVE one another. The other alternative is not better. No one wants tribal clashes; people will die, women will be widowed, children will be orphaned, on both sides...and Chimamanda, you will probably write a book about it, far away from all the madness, on your creative desk; the one that IS NOT IN LAGOS!

…I still remain an ardent admirer…

Monday, 13 April 2015

INEC: Imo State Gubernatorial race,Inconclusive

Governorship Election in Imo state has not been concluded as INEC ordered.

The decision was made due to the number of cancelled wards

Supplementary date for the wards cancelled is yet to be announced by INEC .

Okorocha led with 385,671 votes as opposed the 306,142 votes by PDP candidate, Emeka Ihedioha.

It's noted that this type of situation had occurred during the gubernatorial race on 26th April, 2011 in Imo state;Then,INEC declared the poll inconclusive as well.

Sunday, 12 April 2015

APC takeover Kaduna, APC candidate,El-rufai wins Governorship race with a great margin

In Kaduna state gubernatorial race, APC candidate El-rufai has unseat the incumbent governor,Governor Mukhtar who is PDP,with APC (1,117,635) as opposes PDP (485,833) from all the 23 local government in the state.

All Progressives congress (APC) candidate in Kaduna State, Mallam Nasir El-rufai, has been officially announced as the winner of the April 11 governorship election in the state as declared by the Independent Electoral Commission’s Returning Officer in Kaduna State, Prof. Ja’afaru Kaura.

Governor Yero,the seating governor has conceded defeat before the overall result was announced, and congratulated the former FCT Minister via the telephone and a radio broadcast.

Russian fighter jet intercepts U.S plane

Russian fighter jet double crossed U.S reconnaissance plane.

United States is complaining to Moscow about the unsafe occurrence.

According to professionals,the Russian fighter jet intercepted them in an unsafe manner which was not professional.

The RC-135C combat sent,similar to this one was intercepted in an &quot,unsafe and unprofessional manner earlier this week,according to pentagon.

The RC-35U provides strategic electronic reconnaissance information to the president, secretary of defense, Department of Defense leaders and theater commanders, Air Force said. 

On Tuesday, a U.S. RC-135U was flying over the Baltic Sea when it was intercepted by a Russia SU-27 Flanker. The Pentagon said the incident occurred in international airspace north of Poland.

USA crew accepted that Russian fighter jet action was unsafe, "unsafe and unprofessional due to the aggressive maneuvers it performed in close proximity to their aircraft and its high rate of speed," Pentagon spokesman Mark Wright added.

But according to Russian state news agency,"the USA plane was flying towards the Russian border with its transponder switch off."

Russia Defense Ministry spokesman. Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said that the Russian jet flew around the U.S. plane several times so that they could identify it and get its tail number.

Meanwhile, an official with the U.S. European Command said,"the claim that the transponder was off was false."

Wright, Pentagon spokesman said,"the Pentagon and State Department will "file the appropriate petition through diplomatic channels" with Russia.

Pentagon complained to the Russia military about the incident when Russia jet flew within 100feet of a RC-135U over the Sea of Okhotsk in the western Pacific,U.S. officials said and he called it "one of the most dangerous close passes in decades."

Coach Luis Enrique, " Barcelona paid for errors"

Barcelona coach,Luis Enrique commented on last Saturday defensive errors made as a two goals blew that led to draw 2-2 away at Sevilla.

Thanks to stunning strikes from Lionel Messi and Neymar inside the opening half hour.

Then,a rare mistake from Chilean goalkeeper Claudio Bravo gave Sevilla ground in the game before halftime.

Luis said,"I thought in the first-half we were much the better team, we played very good football, controlled the game and caused them a lot of problems."

"It was a shame that in the few minutes we lost control we conceded the goal that opened the game up.

"The second-half was much more even, both teams had their chances but neither was superior. We committed an error and we have paid for it."

The draw means that Barca now lead Real Madrid by just two points in the title race with seven matches remaining.

Sevilla's fightback also ensured that they remain just four points adrift of third-placed Atletico Madrid in the fight for a return to the Champions League next season and extended their unbeaten run at home to 33 games.

"The point is what it is, we are still leaders and there is a week less to go," said midfielder Andres Iniesta.

"We have to analyse what we did wrong and keep improving. We don't need to blow things out of proportion because of this draw.

"It is a difficult place to come and we played well for a large part of the game, but they took their chances."

Barca's focus now turns to a Champions League quarterfinal meeting with Paris Saint-Germain on Tuesday.

"We always need to be positive and have the confidence that everything will be fine," added Iniesta.

"We can't have any doubts in ourselves."

Amazing pictures: Wonderful moment Jay Z and Beyonce on Hawaii Trip

Proven,the best celebrity couple,Jay Z and his wife, Beyonce ,just celebrated their wedding anniversary,took a trip to Hawaii.
They rode with a pickup truck, in its bed,as they found their way to get fun at all peaks.

They’ve got enough cheddar to BUY their own island, but Beyonce and Jay Z went low key in Hawaii .

drunk in love part 2

Friday, 10 April 2015

Air Force Helicopter Crashes In Lagos state

Nigerian air force (NAF) helicopter crashed in Lagos state and all the four people on board were injured.

Air Force spokesperson,Dele Alonge,in a statement said that the helicopter was on a training mission in Lagos at about 10 a. m. on Friday when it crashed.

He also said that the helicopter was returning to the Apron after the completion of the training exercise when it crashed due to hydraulic failure while on taxi to the hanger.

There was no casualty although the main Rotor debris caused damages to some ground equipment on location.
Meanwhile, the Chief of Air Staff, Adesola Amosun, has ordered an immediate investigation into the crash.

Although ‎the NAF claims the aircraft was being used for training, but according to Nation report, it crashed immediately after takeoff.

The helicopter was wracked that one of its blades was broken, leading to inferno.

The wreckage of the aircraft has been already taken away according to Ibrahim Farinloye, the spokesman of National Emergency Management Agency.

“One of the helicopters in the presidential fleet crashed landed immediately after take off in the MMIA [Murtala Muhammed Airport] with two pilots and two passengers. They sustained minor injuries due to the prompt response by emergency responders including that of the Airport fire services.

“The fire was put out quickly in order to rescue the trapped victims, thus no life was lost. The NAF has since removed the wreckage of the crashed chopper,”‎ he said

Picture:Beyonce's sister,Solange cancel schedule to DJ at an event

Beyonce's sister Solange who scheduled to DJ at an event for Coachella music festival this weekend has cancelled appearance due to a friend in need that was stabbed 10 times on an attack. 

Solange Knowles is said to be keeping watch over her good friend and business partner Armina Mussa after the 24-year-old was stabbed 10 times in a brutal attack in New Orleans on Wednesday 

Solange was apparently in Los Angeles when she heard what happened and immediately hopped on a plane to New Orleans to be with her friend,who is also her business partner.


Picture:Cristiano Ronaldo rocks in CR7 underwear

Cristiano Ronaldo rock in CR7 underwear made with microfiber fabrics that makes it comfortable.

Uche Pedro, Bella Naija founder gives birth to twins

Uche Pedro,the founder of popular Nigerian Website 'Bella Naira' and her husband Bode Pedro welcomed twin babies yesterday,9th April 2015.
They got married in May 2012...
According to her, on her website,she and her husband welcomed twins yesterday,"My husband Bode and I welcomed twins today, April 9. We’re so excited about their arrival. We thank our family and friends for their love, prayers and support throughout our pregnancy and delivery. To our BN fam waiting on their blessings, we hope yours is coming soon" she wrote on her site.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

Presidential adviser, Oronto Douglas dies at 49

Douglas Oronto, the Special Adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan on Research, Documentation and Strategy has died at 49.

He died from cancer-related complications, according to Sahara Reporters.
He passed way at the State House Clinic in Abuja, according to a close family source.

Douglas, also a close friend of the President, was said to have been shattered by Jonathan’s loss at the March 28 presidential elections.

He is survived by a wife and children

Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Pictures: Igbo Market Leaders in Lagos state show support to APC governorship candidate

Igbo market leaders in Lagos state have reassured the APC governorship Candidate, Akinwunmi Ambode

in Lagos state for their support in up coming gubernatorial election on 11th April 2015.

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