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Chikadibia Izuchukwu Sleek Martins D. Martson Okpalaononuju was born in the family of late Nze Martins Ojirinnaka Okpalaononuju in Umuoru uga, Aguata local Government Area of Anambra state Nigeria.

He is often called by fans and friends, Sleek Martins D Matison. The R&B singer attained high school at uga boy’s secondary school uga (UBSSU), Konigin Des Frendes College (KFC) uga.  He got his high school certificate in community secondary school Polaku Yenagoa Bayelsa state and he is a current geology student of the University of Port Harcourt.

Sleek martins with his music group “Da Mic Twisters” in 2008 featured in an album with his fellow young stars C.j decent, Rhymes-T, Enelly, Southlane and Wizz.

While in the university campus, he halts school for 3 years in the process to build his foreseen dreams.

As a passionate guy who loves music so much and could not do away without it, broke out from the group for individual independency. He decided to forge on with his own style.

In several interview, sleek martins regarded Akon as his role model, Akon made him love music so much and became an aid in his upbringing and grooming in the wide music industry.

Many singles were released between 2009 and 2011. Sleek martins in one of the singles “Africa angel” were considered classical and western by fans. It became the most commendable rated song online with more comments compared to his other singles.

The upcoming music artist promises to put more energy into his work and never to let his fans down; so we will be seeing more from him in the future.
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