Thursday, 10 July 2014

How Matthew Brain was Damage By His Mother Act

Little Matthew Kaye is nearly eight but he is mentally and physically still five and his dad fears he will be needing care for the rest of his life thanks to his mother's hidden alcohol consumption during pregnancy.
Reports say Matthew presently can't talk properly, has difficulty walking due to curvature of the spine and deformed ankles, couldn't eat solids until he was five and suffers from learning difficulties.
According to the boy's Uk-based father Martin Kaye, his partner secretly drank all through her pregnancy leading to their son's current brain damage. He confessed Angelique drank herself to death at just 37.
Doctors claim, while in the womb, alcohol toxins from his mother’s body damaged his nervous system and destroyed brain cells. He was born six weeks early and weighed just 2lb 11ozs, and was soon diagnosed as a victim of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome.
In what amounts to a secret epidemic, new figures show cases of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome have tripled in 16 years and have risen 37% in the past three years, according to medical findings. Doctors fear that the 252 cases reported in 2012-2013 are just the tip of the iceberg.

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