Monday, 8 September 2014

Pictures:Winners of uniport ofrima face of the week,week one

The winners of the uniport ofrima face of the week, week one contest have been pronounced by the DOS(Emmanuel Daniel Sopuruchi) after his team brought to the conclusion of the week one contest while we are awaiting for the week two contestants to pick up forms.

We are proud to announce the two winners whose names are Miss Sharon Oamen Osas from Geology department University of Port Harcourt and Mr Tokoni Nkem Tambi from the department of industrial chemistry University of Port Harcourt.

Sharon Oamen Osas won with 278 like and 94 comments while Tokoni Nkem Tambi won with 138 likes and 36 comments.

Other contestants:Wemi (NASS 001) got 8 likes which made him the least in the contest.

Abere Rosemary Waribiko got 28 likes

Jumbo Blessing got 66 likes

Onwuegbuchu Ogechukwu got 121 likes

Corkson Abiye Jesse got 28 likes

Mbarie Chioma Marygold got 395 likes and 23 comments

Jason James Dugo got 47 likes

Uche got 64 likes

Jennifer Anaka got 10 likes and

Rowland Braide got 53 likes

Mbarie Chioma Marygold,as we can see got 395 but was disqualified because she bought her likes.
When we went through her likes,we found out that she didn't meet up with our standard as a result of buying Facebook likes.
You can as well observe with us but we believe that the right judgment has been made.

Here are some names you would see in her like list: Ronnie Dubbz from Philadelphia Pennsylvania
Ruby Monster,Michele Dougan,Krystal Chace,Brain Clark,Nancy Renee, Tinker Brogan from Pulaski Virginia,Zeke Davidson from Jesuit College Preparatory etc.
We also observed that these foreigners does not have profile pictures.
Thus regarding to our subsequent programs,they can not impact in students from where they are as their support is not guaranteed.

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