Sunday, 7 September 2014

Notice:Check out the time limit,when to count votes.

We wish to announce the time voting will stop to enable us organize next week contest and to publish the winners(a guy and a lady) of this week's contest with their prizes tagged in publication pictures,on the page,and

Voting stops on Monday by 6:00 p.m  and picking of forms for the other week tarts on Tuesday 00:00 a.m

We are aware that some people submitted their pictures late which might have contributed to their limited likes in opposition to the losing majority.You can as well submit your pictures earlier for next week contest.

We wish to inform you about the recent development on the contents.
One thing ìs certain if you look at the pictures likes,you would concur with majority who goes in massive vote for their buddies or departmental colleagues.
Sharon is leading her female group while Ogechukwu on the male side is leading.

Other contestants,don't lose hope, because,you still have a great chance to Win!

Contestants should like the page "".

With regard to the view,and to enhance the efficacy of this program which you should investigate to believe with us that people are really excited and happy for catching lots of fun.

Inform your friends to pick form Now!, for the next week Contest!

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