Monday, 22 September 2014

A man killed two of his neighbor's children and leaving two badly injured

A man has declared wanted as Edo state police command lunched man hunt.
The culprit,Noble Uwoh , Okeze has fled from the environment after attacking his Neighbors children because he had misunderstanding with his neighbors wife.

With a cutlass, Noble Uwoh succeeded in killing a six year old and a three year old,leaving the other 8 year old and 4 year old badly injured. Pictures below.

Edo state Police spokesman said,“The suspect murdered the two children in his neighbour’s apartment, following a misunderstanding between him and the Udehs.

The man actually had a misunderstanding with the wife and the man went to her house and murdered a six-year-old boy and another three-year-old boy.

The same suspect went ahead to inflict injuries on two other children of that woman who are currently undergoing treatment, while two corpses have been deposited in the mortuary.

The injured ones are Gift Oliver, eight years, and Goodness Oliver, four years. The suspected killer fled the scene, but investigation is ongoing and efforts are being made to locate and arrest the man. We have launched a manhunt for him.” he said

Speaking about the sad incident, Oliver Udeh, who hails from Enugu state, said Okeze was initially going to attack his wife, Chinyere, but when she ran to get help from Neighbors, he descended on their young children.

“The man attacked four of my children with a cutlass. Two died, while the remaining two are at the University of Benin Teaching Hospital. I have six children. My other two boys and my wife escaped from the man. The corpses of the two who died are at the Stella Obasanjo Hospital, Benin.

It was my wife that he wanted to kill. But she ran away to call our neighbors. When they arrived at my house, he ran away into the bush and we have yet to find him.

I didn’t have any problem with him. But my wife told me that he hated my children. So, when I traveled, he attacked my family with a cutlass and killed two of my children.” he said

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