Thursday, 25 September 2014

A man tells How denomination is affecting his marriage

For security reasons,name was not mentioned and is seeking for advice.

What a way of Living?(people's way of live),this referred me to culture.

It is learned,acquired and have been practicing by the society which it is concerned.

The Cultural relativism was brought to oppose the cultural racism,in the sense that no culture supercedes other.

Here is a man married to a woman,he married his wife under Catholic Church denomination and the marriage continued for a period of ten years with a succulent sweetness until when his wife changed a denomination,their marriage become miserable.

From a female LIB reader

Hear him and give your advice...

My wife and I got married as Catholics and we have been practicing the Catholic faith in all our ten years of marriage.

All the love and peace we have enjoyed in our marriage is about to change as she recently found love in the Jehovah's witnesses doctrine where they do not celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and other celebrations.

She now wants to force this new way of live on myself and our three children who have lived all there lives enjoying these celebrations.

This new way of thinking is seriously affecting our marriage as she is trying to be forceful with our kids living according to her new found doctrine.

It's not like her new found faith is bad but I would just respect it if she leaves me and my kids out of it. 

I seriously want to save my marriage but I don't want her new belief to affect my children.

How do I handle this situation?

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