Thursday, 25 September 2014

Pictures:Old time Wrestler,Hulk Hogan no-no rules for his restaurant in Florida seems to focus on blacks

Hulk Hogan got a cool beach restaurant in Florida, but if you want to enjoy a coconut ginger mojito during a concert at the eatery, you better not show up dressing like an urban stereotype.

If you plan to wear a do-rag or a bandana, forget about getting in.

Hulk says, he licenses his name to the restaurant but didn't know about the dress code and he's looking into it right now.

Check out the dress code outside Hogan's Beach in Tampa -- which essentially bars people who wear clothes popular with the black community.

The Hulk no-no's include:

-- No oversized t-shirts extending past the mid thigh

-- No excessively baggy attire

-- No low hanging pants or shorts 

-- No hats facing sideways or back facing

-- No oversized or excessive jewelry 

-- No camouflage (unless with military ID) 

-- No workout clothing (including track suits, jump suits, sweat pants or basketball shorts)

-- No high-top sneakers

An Employee in the restaurant,when asked, said "you can wear just anything for lunch or dinner, but the dress code is strictly enforced during concert events.he also said, "I don't want to sound stereotypical ..." when he was ask, what about oversized jewelry?

But No black people in the promotional video for the restaurant,if he is not a racist,while white guys wearing the forbidden camouflage shorts in the same Restaurant?

You can Whatch the youtube video,click the link...

TMZ reports "that they talked to Hulk about the sign posted at Hogan's Beach ... barring anyone who wears excessively baggy attire, low-hanging pants, do-rags, bandanas, oversized or excessive jewelry -- all stuff popular with the urban crowd.

Hulk who doesn't own the eatery but licenses his name to it -- tells us he called the restaurant's managers personally ... and demanded the sign be taken down -- permanently ... and they agreed.

Hogan says the dress code was modeled after ones used at Las Vegas and Miami pool parties -- He says it was never meant to be racist, but understands some people take it that way."

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