Sunday, 21 September 2014

Journalist: Nicholas Ibekwe claims to have rejected 50K offered by T.B Joshua

A Journalist,Nicholas Ibekwe tweeted,what he encoutered during the collapsed building at Synagogue Church of All Nations as he went to gather information about the incidence.

Nicholas claimed to have been rejected 50K offered by T.B Joshua,which he said was also offered other journalists who came to make report.

Nicholas Ibekwe also shared audio proof of T.B Joshua offering journalists (who are covering the building collapse) N50,000 to 'fuel' their cars after he met with them behind close doors at his church premises.

According to Nicholas, T.B Joshua concern was what the journalists were going to write.

He said,after giving them the money, he asked them what they planned to write and some of them said whatever he wants them to write. He asked them to talk about the people who were rescued/survived and not focus on the people who died.

The death toll was 80 people as of yesterday.

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