Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Who is police best Friend? Check it out....If anyone is.

The slogan of the Nigerian Police Force is 'the Police is your friend'. The way they do not show that of a friend to the civics they are capable of turning the table against a poor man.
A few days back were reports of how a police officer severely tortured a pregnant woman which almost led to a miscarriage.
The story of a DPO who raped a female suspect and when she raised the alarm, he threatened to kill her.
Their way of bailing someone in police custody is also what we all aware that the police can set a bail as much as millions of naira to free an accused, especially if they see you a person who is rich.
And sometime someone who reports a case can be  turned the accused simply because they are really looking for money from the other person that is rich.

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