Tuesday, 15 July 2014

See the pictures:Just guess,the star that got the most wonderful experience in the world cup.

There is no doubt at all if I have decided to term it the star that had the most important  experience during the world cup.

Here, it is proven by the pictures below.

The popular super star, Riri as commonly called,been in person of captivating voice, flow with wonderful rhythm and whose music has made the world believe in what she can do on microphones.
She is very much outgoing and she loves been around guys because I learn from them as she cited.

Rihanna as she stated earlier,she does not need any relationship,she just want to be alone and have enough fun which would make her happier than ever.

Rihanna almost rocks with every super star that she had come across during World Cup.

She had intriguing and amazing pictures with Pele and others.
Big girl Rihanna,she loves jamborees.

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