Thursday, 17 July 2014

Must Read:Rihanna gave Wendy Williams Claps For Saying She's Not Girlfriend Material

Wendy Williams could hide it and so she felt concerned which made her drop her opinion and let's her opinion known to the public on her talk show.
During a Hot Topics segment on her show some days ago, Wendy discussed Chris Brown and Drake being in the studio together, and slammed their mutual connection. Who could it be? Rihanna.

Speaking about Rihanna, who has dated both Chris and Drake, Wendy Williams said;
"Rihanna is not girlfriend material. She's hot, she's sexy, you do her, then you take your penicillin."
Rihanna felt very bad which she did not find interesting , Wendy might think she was impressing Rihanna but it turned around to creat several thoughts as a human being,you can do the same if you're in Rihanna's shoe.

Of course Rihanna clapped for Wendy....and also posted,'the popular 'My p**sy popz severely' vine...

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