Friday, 18 July 2014

Definitely You won't Like To Miss These Cute Pictures: Record Says He could be the hottest man on earth right now.

What goes on in your mind as the fashion writers present to you the could be the hottest man on earth? Continue...
Weeks ago, the hottest man on earth was US felon Jeremy Meeks whose mugshot caused an internet storm...but now another man, who is thankfully not a felon, has taken over.

He is a Swedish model.

Ben Dahlhaus (pictured above) has been described as the hottest man on earth right now, with thousands of women asking to meet him after his new ad campaign was released.

Ben's ad campaign for luxury watchmaker Brathwait, which was released recently went viral with several international publications writing articles on his unique look, long hair and chiselled bone structure.

Such is life...someday,another nigga will come up.

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