Monday, 25 August 2014

Yoruba Actress, Tola Ayeni Relocates To South Africa and Throws Lavish birthday party.

Image confirmed that well known Yoruba actress-cum-producer, Adetola Ayeni, popularly known as Tola Ayeni, has left the shores of Nigeria to find solace in late Nelson Mandela’s country, South Africa.

From a source who is very close to the beautiful movie star, that Tola left for South Africa some months ago. According to what was disclosed from the source, this is the reason she has not been active in the Yoruba movie circle, where she has a lot of fan base.

“Tola has relocated to South Africa since February. She is no more in Nigeria. She only comes in to spend few days and leave,” the informant told

“She even celebrated her birthday in South Africa in July, it was a big one. Many people were there, i can even send you photographs,” the source said further.

When pressed to disclose why the actress relocated from Nigeria to South Africa, it was told that Tola now runs her business in the former apartheid country, which is doing well over there.

Nigeria to South Africa.

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