Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Pix:700 pound Snake pulled out of Lake in North Carolina

The massive snake was actually on its resting place before the construction industry came to move dead tree that fell in the site.

The weight of the Giant snake as was measured is 700 pound, 98 feet long and the snake was caught in lake in Proctor, North Carolina.

However,police have been contacted according to the report to run a check on the snake to see if it has fade on human being.

To snake eaters, this must be one of the best to eat cause this giant snake is massive, matured and  just gorgeous, but it didn’t take long to find out that the STORY behind it… was fake, just another hoax.

The image is indeed real, I think the size of the giant snake could have been exaggerated due to the camera angle.

Nevertheless, this snake is still huge, but where did it come from? The markings on it’s skin looks similar to that of a reticulated python native to Southeast Asia.

Report says according to findings...that this giant python came from Indonesia and after some rough translating, it turns out that it was discovered this last Thanksgiving near the village of Belinyu City.

It was found by accident by a group of construction workers who severely injured the reptile while knocking down a large dead tree in which the python was sleeping inside of.

The workers put the dying snake out of it’s misery and buried it.
This is exactly the kind of snake that should be on Geowild for record purposes - documentary.

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