Sunday, 24 August 2014

Photos:A singer who think she is still young to marry

The believe,she is not yet do for marriage. A typical African lady will not agree with this,looking at the fast rising singer, Imelda J with real names as Ada Okwori body physic.

She  has asked people bothering her with the question of marriage to let her be because she is still young.

Is her Body deceiving people or deceiving her?

Imelda who has once been rumoured to have dated Governor Suswan and Jaywon says she won’t rush into marriage because people are getting married especially when age is still on her side.

If you have grown up to date,why not as to marry?

According to her, marriage no be small pikin thing. I still be pikin oh, she said.

Is 18 year old small pikin?for this 21 first century.

She continued...
When I see someone I can happily cope with for the rest of my life, I will. It’s a spirit to soul thing. I am not in haste. I can’t get married because others are getting married. I should get married when the time is ripe and God has the final say, she said.

If i may ask,What age is ok for a lady to get married?

She is more than 18,can you guess her age?

I think her problem is seeing the right guy and not all this pikin pikin things.

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