Sunday, 17 August 2014

Fun!,Pictures:"I got injured while skating" Sleek Martins

I got injured yesterday while skating . I just bought a new skating shoe which is the fastest than any skate I have seen so far.

So, me and my group we left the campus to visit one of our senior colleague who started the skating earlier in the campus and due to this fact,we wanted to adopt a learning experience from him.
I just started skating a year and few months. One thing I promised myself by my graduation day is to be jack of all Trade!;I am seeing this dream coming to reality.

So, as we rolled on the road for one hour or almost, cumulatively to and fro. Dodged all the vehicles and pot holes on the road but to my greatest surprise,where I fell was not where I supposed to fell.

Withstanding rough driving drivers on the road,I did not fall.
I fell at arena , where several general events are beings taken place in uniport campus.

At that arena, people are used to sitting for different reasons,perhaps watching dancing group,Skaters and others doing their own weekend routine. 

The crowd was watching as I hurt my jaw on the cemented floor.

My teeth cut through my lips,if you look at my pictures intensely,you will see blood running down, out from my lips down to my jaw . i thought I had lost at least two of my teeth.
When this happened I thought that my jaw was not in its position again.
My first reaction was calmness(buddy,my body calmed down);next, i touched and shook my jaw to be certain how severe my injury was, but nothing serious happened that will lead to hospital attention.

My clothes stained with my blood,also handkerchief and tissue paper a sympathetic girl gave to me - all was  soaked in my blood . After that,second Samaritan sprayed the wound to ease the my pain.

My skate is branded with 8 tires for the pair which is 80 mm lift and 82 A RollerBlaze and the tire size is 5. Though,i know there is size 7 tires which will be much faster than this size 5 tires.

Yesterday,just as my  usual routine in the uniport campus;what takes up my day every Saturday is sports activities.

I love sports so much, and with regard to that, i always associate with sports acquainted students in the campus.

I thank God that nothing serious happened, although I wounded Badly!, yesterday.

I count it to fun.

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