Wednesday, 1 October 2014

US:Cost Of Bombing Islamic state militants in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) Closing In On $1 Billion

US government have spent close to one billion dollar in bombing Islamic States militants in Iraq and Syria.

Analysis shown that this bombing have costed taxpayers between $780 and $930 million,by an independent think tank.

Military campaign has calculated the costs of past month and how much it will cost in forthcoming months.

According to CSBA estimates, the United States could spend between $200 and $320 million a month, in a conservative estimate assuming a "moderate level of air operations and 2,000 deployed ground forces."

However,"The report uses the term "ground forces" to include any U.S. military personnel who are sent to Iraq, whether in a combat capacity or otherwise. In the report's conservative estimate, the number of ground forces includes a slight increase from the approximately 1,600 U.S. military personnel who are already in Iraq. President Barack Obama has insisted that he will not send U.S. combat troops to either Iraq or Syria."

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