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Pictures:300 level students Geology department, university of Port Harcourt took a trip to Igarra

300 level Geology department university of Port Harcourt took a trip to Igarra and some villages around Igarra. This made me not to had published for a long time hence i was handicapped by the network as I was among the  students who took their trip to Igarra.
Students were accompanied by two lectures; Porf Victor Ukaegbu and Mr Egesi(Phd).

This is a course (practice geology mapping)every geology student must take part in,from first year to final year;each level,difference location and every year.

In practicing geology mapping,every student is taught how to map by locating outcrops and exposures which gives information on grological events that had occurred and they are eventually used in construction of geological map.

We visited Somolika village;Somolika village is located on ground position system (GPS) at longitude 07 degree. 299'N and latitude 006 degree..144' . Here,old granite (Igneous rock) intruded into the country rock 'schist' (Metamorphic rock).  It covers a reasonable area as you can see in the picture below. The exposure like a hill you see there is an intruded granite.

Ibillo village, Unume village were also visited.

Pure marble was found at another village called Bekuma village. It is located at longitude 07 degree 26.133' N and latitude 006 degree 08.1985 E and at altitude of 316  + or - 3 . Sunlight at these areas was really hitting hard that I almost turned black.

Nigeria is really will agree with me. These environments are amazing unaided eye.

The third  picture from the last is a picture of marble mine. Marble is essential in making animal feeds for strong bone in animals because it is a pure calcium and in making ceramics,including tiles but nobody is touching them,Nigeria is focusing on oil.

The last picture that looks like a hill is again! a picture of an intruded Igneous rock (granite outcrop) and, the  white stuff I am holding is a pure marble.

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