Monday, 20 April 2015

Pictures:6 feets snake swallowed two sparrows, killed in University of Port Harcourt

A snake was measured 6 feets,swallowed two sparrows,killed by students of university of Port Harcourt and one sheriff.
It was in the afternoon, around 12 noon when two men discovered the snake under a tree and when they were trying to kill it , the snake climbed a tree.

Then,students and other people who were coming back from church gathered to fall the snake as it climbed to the highest branch of the tree.

According to the people who were around,they tried very hard to fall the snake by stoning at it so that they could kill it but the snake keeps on jumping from one branch of the tree to the other which seems to many people at the scene that the snake was a witch snake.

For over 3 hours,nobody was able to get the snake fall down by stoning.

People who saw the snake closely when it was under the tree,described the snake as huge, poisonous,aggressive and deadly,thus,no one would expect to risk his life amongst guys who were present when they heard that.

Three guys who were eager to climb the tree to fall the snake were discouraged by one of the workers who installed generator close to girls hostel.

The worker said that he saw a bigger snake in the bush closed to girls hostel,and according to him, the one he saw previous week could swallow a goat.

It was a terrible moment, as many did not suggest to leave the snake alive as it's close to the convocation arena where students learn some times . To avoid the risk of biting students, they had to kill it.

The two sparrows swallowed by the snake have already started digesting that the feathers could hardly noticed.

People screamed,"hero!",Raised their hands when the guy that fell the snake moved with his bike.

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