Sunday, 9 November 2014

Linda Ikeji : "He isn't fine but can I manage him?"

It got me thinking,should I marry a woman who I don't feel loved for?
Some people are naturally and highly selective,I am one of them;if she is not my choice, beautiful and sexy or both,forget it and i will rather wait. Marriage is for ever and for worse.

Here, Linda is asking a question about a man who comes her way.

This man you see his picture attached to this post was introduced to her by her pastor .
She is worried about Linda singleness and so got her a man to marry.
Is it this way?

Continue...As she stated,
Dear LIB readers: He isn't fine but can I manage him?
One of the things I look out for  when I consider when I am about to enter into any relationship is that the guy must be drop dead gorgeous because I love fine boys and I want to be able to date him and love him enough not to ever consider another man as fine. However I have not dated anyone in the last three years because the ones that have been coming my way are not that fine.
Anyway, there is this guy who my Pastor just introduced me to as she is worried about my single status being that I am old enough to be in my husband's house. The guy she introduced me to is tall, a Pilot, very Godly but the only thing is that he is not fine.
He says he wants to get serious with me and looks forward to us getting married but when I look at him, I don't want to look again because he isn't handsome. My girlfriends are saying I should just manage him and that I would develop the love for him as time goes by. The question is, would I ever be able to love him and can a woman really manage a man who isn't up to her own personal standard?

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