Sunday, 9 November 2014

Dear advice to you for your marriage

Like when you are worried,it seems that all the hope has gone ;hold on for a while,those who laugh last,laugh the best.
Don't horry to jump into marrying a guy because you want to marry,you feel your time is going,no way...pray everyday and God shall answer your prayers.

Check your likes of a man you dream of marrying and if you like 50 % of his personality which includes his physic,job, family,education,etc ; considering your time,you may marry him.

I told Linda...whose pastor presented a young man for her to marry.
Your man is coming please...This is not your heart desire Babe...I must tell you,as much as guys around you,everyone loves you .
Your man is coming.

The same way,God first love you and shall grant you your heart desire.I beg you, wait,many guys are eyeing you but until they summon courage to walk up to you,you will never know they really love you.

I will also tell you to marry a young man if they come your way;don't look at his age,thinking that you're older than him.

You don't love this guy you published his picture and besides,he is a pilot who would not have time to stay around his family . love you,stay yet.

Let your pastor not decide whom you will marry.

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