Saturday, 7 June 2014

Must read...... an anti Christ post on Facebook.

Jesus ain't coming back. Facebook ensures the freedom of speech, so, am not scared to speak my mind, no matter how vague and unreasonable, i don't hide behind words, some times I cross the line, I court controversy, I don't shy away from it, I intend to cross the line now, Jesus ain't coming back, perhaps he is coming back, he ain't coming to Nigeria but to Israel, there are no such things as rapture, the bible ain't no law book binding on us, I wonder some times if God is a Rascist, sending a white messiah and not deeming it fit to send a black Jesus. Religion is just a big fraud, truly there is God, some think God is a fairy tale, but the fear of God is real. What's my point? Jesus ain't coming back is all fairy tale from the christian book called bible. A fool says there's no God. Lord have mercy in Jesus name. Amen.

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