Friday, 29 May 2015

Pictures: Former HOD, Geology department, uniport,"Unknown persons invade my office and ransack all my lecture/research materials"

Akaha Celestine Tse,former HOD Geology department University of Port Harcourt has expressed shock as his office was invaded by unknown guys who virtually invaded his office and took with themselves every important documents he left including his lecture materials, research materials and went away,also with two of his laptops.

A leady called Miss Fortune,also a lecturer who share the same office with Dr Tse lost her laptop that carries all ddetails of semester and students results.

"This afternoon as the time lines on accompanying pictures show, I came into the office to pick something and was baffled to see the the state of disorder right from the engineering geology lab",Dr Tse said. 

"Intruder severed security wires on window  behind Oven and oedometer to gain entry into engineering geology lab. Intruder rips away design at bottom of door to gain entry into my office. Invader ransacks my office, scattering books, equipment and drawer items from Miss Fortune’s desk on  the  ground. Invader ransacks and completely turns upside down my desk,  drawers and contents. They did not spare the  fridge, as they took bottles of winenin the fridge",

"So far in the mess they created in my office i have discovered that they took away my two laptops  containing all my lecture and research materials, and Miss Fortune’s official laptop that contains all details of semester and degree results", But I ended my 5 year tenure as HOD since March 26th this year",he added.

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