Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Scientists, cooking may have helped humans evolve chins

Scientists explained why humans are only animal that have chin and suggested that chin evolved as a result of invention of cooking and eating softer foods. This is a new research at the University of Florida suggests, the chin began to emerge as a consequence of major changes six million years earlier.

The arrival of cooking and softer food meant humans no longer needed big teeth and powerful jaws, and over the next two million years both got smaller and the chin was born, '

Anthropologist Dr James Pampush and his group collected chin data from over 100 primate species and compared it with historical data.

Computer modelling traced the shifting orientation of the front of the jaw and the rate at which the chin evolved.

"It (the event) had to have occurred between six million to 200,000 years ago - six million years ago is the timing of the split between humans and chimpanzees," said Pampush.

"My guess is that it happened around two million years ago when there was a jump in brain size. We had a soft diet, and we no longer needed big teeth.

"Around two million years ago there were a lot of changes to the 'human-like' animals. Homo erectus had a larger body size, much larger brains, was probably cooking and there's a good chance they were using clothing,"The changes which ultimately lead to the chin are directly related to cooking, and indirectly related to larger brains and bodies,"said Pampush

Did you believe that?


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