Saturday, 4 April 2015

Read Anonymous Igbo guy article over Nigerian politics/Goodluck losses

Anonymous Igbo guy wrote this article,it is as a comment on Linda Ikeji's blogspot.
He is proud to be an Igbo man and also as a Christian.
He said his annoyance which was as a result of Goodluck losing last presidential election.
"Goodluck did not lose but it is Igbo man"anonymous said.


I am a very proud Igbo man. I am also a Christian.
But not for one minute did I buy the argument that
because of ethnic or religious consideration, it was my duty to support a leadership that is not committed to any of the values that I hold.

The Igbo man is known for his inventiveness. We
are incredibly hard working and can compete with
anyone from anywhere as long as there is a level
playing field. Our quarrel with the rest of Nigeria has
been that now and again, we have been visited with
hatred because of our inventiveness and hard work.

I am therefore pained that by the actions of some
election contractors of Igbo extraction, every person from the South East of Nigeria may now be a suspect in the hideous enterprise of “vote swinging”
and the repulsive attempt to manipulate the
outcome of the current elections.

For the Igbos to have been seen as the main backers of government that has continuously
stood good sense on its head and shown very little
strategic intellect is a historic mistake. The
destructive alliance that may have suggested that my people have willy-nilly supported the
unsustainable financial corruption and value corruption that has recently gone on in Nigeria, has done the Igbo man a lot of harm.

The only thing we
have achieved is to make ourselves irrelevant in the Nigerian political process. Can you imagine the Igbos, a critical part of the tripod on which Nigeria has stood, becoming a minority in Nigeria’s political
market place?

Let it be known that the biggest loser in the current
elections is not Goodluck Jonathan. It is the Igbo man.
How could we not have seen that Nigerians have
been desperately yearning for change and tap into that burning desire? 2.50% in Enugu; 2.64% in
Anambra; 3.60% in Abia; 5.97% in Ebonyi! Apart
from Imo, no state in the South East is recorded as
having given up to 6% of its vote to the next
President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
set up this stupid rigging machine that has rigged
the Igbos out of Nigerian politics?
How did we become mere spectators in a game in which we have the ability to produce the center
forward? What exactly did we get from the PDP to
mortgage the future of our children? While the rest of the country was running away from the odium of
that political party, we were kissing the PDP, cuddling the PDP and making love like crazy with the PDP. Can you imagine that we are now the owners of a terribly afflicted PDP? We even killed APGA to get what? What a tragedy!

It must be said that there are many Igbos who did not buy into this abysmal gamble of our so called leaders. I want my grandchildren to know that I was
not part of this madness. Let them be told that, like
many Igbos, I stood firm with the time honoured
values of the Igbo man and refused to sell my conscience for a mess of porridge. History must record it that whatever shenanigan has taken place has happened despite our protest.

We, the Igbos have brilliant men and women across the world. It is time for a new crop of leaders to emerge from Igboland, a leadership that has a good strategic understanding of the Nigerian political environment. We need a leadership that understands that having a lot of money does not
necessarily mean having a lot of good sense. Every
serious minded Igbo man and woman must seek
this. It is very urgent!
May I suggest that we concentrate discussions on the Lagos Gubernatorial election here in this dedicated group for that purpose only. This would also allow for concentration and proper trail of thoughts ideas and suggestions . This is more effective that discussing across two groups. I make this humble appeal.

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