Thursday, 2 April 2015

Pictures:Rihanna Best friend Melissa Ford Designed Bucket Hats

 Melissa Ford is a childhood friend of Rihanna,she is the director of Wales headwear brand,a brand of headwear company which was the reason for the ceremony.

This week, she celebrated the launch of her three-piece M$$ x WT bucket hat collection at Opening Ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by industry heavyweights and celebrities.

 Humberto Leon, Kevin Durant, Luka Sabbat, and, Rihanna were all present.

Rihanna said,“I’m proud. I love to see that she’s being fly. She’s my best friend and I’m just really happy to see her put her creative style into a type of outlet, some type of thing that she can see come to life because she has great taste," l was really impressed by the designs and the prints. I think the pineapple print is definitely my favorite because it makes me want a Pina Colada and the beach and summer.

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