Thursday, 2 April 2015

You need to read:Nigerians prostitute celebrate Behari victory with 3-day free sex

All the members of the National Association of Nigerian prostitute have declared three day free sex in the country to celebrate Gen.  Muhammadu Buharis victory over the presidential election result this week,as  promised by members of the National Association of Nigerian prostitutes(NANP) before the election day. 

This bonanza starts on Easter Friday, April 3rd, and will expire at midnight on Sunday, April 5th, 2015.

The General Secretary of NANP, Jessica Elvis, the body on press release said," it has enjoined all its members spread across the country to make sure they comply with the directives from the headquarters or they will be sanctioned"
Elvis added that it is their own way of showing gratitude to their clients for voting for Buhari and also their way of congratulating the President-elect, for his victory is the victory of Nigerians.

The pain which they felt on the President Jonathans administration still remain the reason,they lack to support him during the past presidential election and had vowed to fulfill their promise if Buhari wins.

They complained about arrest executed by Jonathans administration and their homes which the current ending administration had destroyed in the past,thereby making them homeless,especially in the city of Abuja the FCT;these made life miserable for them.

The so called 'ashewos'also urge Gen.  Muhammadu Buhari to legalize prostitution,so they can practice their trade without intimidation.

Goodluck Jonathans administration did not favor their trade,as they lamented.

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