Monday, 30 March 2015

Result from INEC , PDP vs APC in 8 states and FCT

APC is winning majority of the states with slight margin except Oyo State which it won with a great margin of 528620 against 303376 while PDP have won Enugu state with 55300 against 14157 votes.

PDP is winning APC with slight margin.

So far,looking from the figures,the two parties are almost having close number of votes but APC took many states and it's winning in most states currently.

The ratio of APC to PDP  is 5:4 compared with the total number of states and FCT.

Surprisingly,PDP won in Nassarawa state where majority of people less expect their winning,this gives PDP hope to win in some northern states as they have lost most western States.

In 8 states and FCT , APC won 5 states while PDP won 3 states and FCT.

OGUN: APC 308,290.          PDP 207,950

ENUGU: APC 14,157.          PDP: 553,003

KOGI: APC 264, 857.           PDP: 149,987

EKITI: APC - 120, 331         PDP - 176, 466 (wins)

OSUN: APC 383,603            PDP: 249,929

ONDO: APC 299,889            PDP:251,368

OYO: APC 528,620               PDP:303,376

NASARAWA: APC 236,838  PDP:273,460

FCT, ABUJA: APC 146,399  PDP: 157,195

For now,From the final results, PDP has 2, 332, 734 votes while APC has 2, 302,978 votes, which means PDP is in early lead.

States APC won including Oyo state,  Osun state, Ogun state, Kogi state and Ondo state while 3 states won by PDD were Enugu state, Ekiti state and Nassarawa state and FCT.

PDP is on winning side,APC can put their hope to cover the slight margin from the north where they have stronger hold of voters,at a time POP are sure to win in the eastern and southern sides.

INEC Chairman,Professor Jega has proposed the announcement of results until other states are ready to be announced by 8pm.

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