Sunday, 29 March 2015

Police report, 2 dead bodies found at New York City building explosion site

Two dead bodies have been found at New York City explosion site that happened last week in Manhattan's East Village.
Pisces of block and other debris as a result of the explosion and fire are still there,however investigation will be carried out with remnants particles to know what actually happened--the cause of the explosion.

Meanwhile, two men were confirmed missing,26-year-old Moises Lucon who worked at the restaurant and 23-year-old Nicholas Figueroa( bowling alley worker ) who went there on a date and were believed to have been inside the ground floor Sushi restaurant at the time of the explosion.

Medical examination is in progress by a medical examiner to determine the cause of death and explosion.
Family members of Figueroa's pay the site a visit with tears in there eye while holding flowers to show last respect.

Several members of Figueroa's family visited the blast site Sunday, holding flowers and crying.

Figueroa's brother, Neal, leaned over barricades and shouted please to emergency workers: "He's a strong man, I know he's in there! Don't give up, please find my brother."but Authorities, believed the chances of finding anyone alive were rare.

The explosion and subsequent fire  which leveled three buildings and injured 22 people were believed to have caused by illegal tapping of gas from the restaurant or natural gas leak.

Sushi restaurant owner smelled gas and called the landlord who called the contractor before the explosion but nobody called 911 or Con Ed.

The contractor, Dilber Kukic, and the owner's son went into the basement and opened a door to check where the gas leak from and then the explosion happened, burning their faces.

A gas leak was reported before the blast.

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